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EXPLORE/ GET TO KNOW Feel welcome to find workshops which suit your needs. If you do not know what to choose, contact us and our specialists will help you to find the appropriate program to fit your needs.
USE ALL OF YOUR SENSES Develop your skills, join our SGM Kids community, gain more knowlegde.
CHOOSE THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DEVELOPMENT Plan your aims and develop your talents. Join the continuous process of discovering yourself and free your sensory expression :)


TRY THEM OUT At the first workshop there is a possiblity to try on our Get Dirty® products, so that you can check the functionality and high quality of our solutions.
BUY YOURSELF A GIFT You take part in our workshops. You are interested in developing your skills. Buy yourself a gift and purchase our products.
TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CONVENIENCE Find out how to use our products. Read our blog, share your opinions with us. Our products are developed on the basis of joint experience. Always be ready to express yourself :)
When it comes to children and adults Sensory ExspressionTMsustains: discovering talents ▪ sharpening your senses ▪ boosting creativity ▪ neutralising stress ▪ building self-confidence ▪ relaxation ▪ memory and learning processes ▪ environmental adaptation ▪ brain neuroplasticity ▪ broadening horizons ▪ dealing with emotions ▪ post-traumatic therapies ▪ neutralising the effects of certain dysfunctions such as dyslexia

Working in a sustainable and targeted manner with Sensory Expression™ has an influence on enhancing intellectual development as well as on the discovering of our skills and talents.

SGM Kids and Get Dirty® products

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The aim of SGM Kids is to spread the awareness connected to sensory processing and development by stimulating the natural ability of humans when it comes to the freedom of sensory expression.

Our company supports sustainable Sensory Expression™ among children, adults as well as all people for whom the idea of development through experience is close.

Our company concentrates on promoting knowledge, organising workshops and selling products which support sensory development.
We provide services within the area of: teaching languages, social integration, therapy, consulting and many more.

Our solutions are based on theory, experience and continuous practice.
Thus Sensory Expression™ is a continuous process which should accompany us on our journey through life.

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What is Sensory Expression™?

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Sensory Expression™
is a sustainable, targeted process where natural inborn human expression is applied to learn about the world by using our senses.

It enhances the process of expressing yourself and getting to know yourself better. It has a positive impact on social integration.

When it comes to children in supports proper sensory processing development, boosts creativity and has an influence on processing emotions.
As for adults it boosts and supports natural cognitive processes by experiencing and learning using all of our senses.

Regular participation in workshops or independant self-run sessions with Sensory Expression™ methods sharpen senses, build self-confidence, broaden horizons, make it easier to gain new knowledge and relax us.

It is a continuous process where we are able to fight with stress, have an impact on the neuroplasticity of our brains, help to consolidate connections responsible for adaptation, variability, processes of learning and memory.

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