Sensory Expression™

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What is Sensory Expression?

Sensory Expression™, is a sustainable, targeted process where natural inborn human expression is applied to learn about the world by using our senses.

It enhances the process of expressing yourself and getting to know yourself better. It has a positive impact on social integration.

When it comes to children in supports proper sensory processing development, boosts creativity and has an influence on processing emotions.
As for adults it boosts and supports natural cognitive processes by experiencing and learning using different senses.

Regular participation in workshops or independant self-run sessions with Sensory Expression™ methods sharpen senses, build self-confidence, broaden horizons, make it easier to gain new knowledge and relax us.

It is a continuous process where we are able to fight with stress, have an impact on the neuroplasticity of our brains, help to consolidate connections responsible for adaptation, variability, processes of learning and memory.

How was the Sensory Expression™ formula created?

In 2017 SGM Kids began its fascinating process of development, as well as in the area of theory, practice and didactics. Sensory Expression™ is a multidisciplinary term which combines the discoveries of modern sciences such as: neurodidactics, psychology, sociology, epigenetics and many more.

Board of the Company:

Żaneta Gatniejewska

Business Manager, cofounder of SGM Kids and GetDirty® , practitioner, CEE. Responsible for the core functioning of the company, supporting each of the development stages of the company when it comes to ideas, advice and many years of experience gained in the business field

Monika Skaja

Initiator and the cofounder of SGM Kids and GetDirty®, practitioner, linguistic specialist, pedagogist, CEO. The founder of the bottom-up support for parents in targeted development of children, the one who believes in supporting the good development of children.

Project Manager Grzegorz Stygar

Formulated the Sensory Expression™ term, the author of the definition, created solutions for the new presentation of SGM Kids and GetDirty® (branding, marketing, management).

Our solutions are based on the newest knowledge, gained experience and continuous practice thus Sensory Expression™ is a process which should accompany us on our journey through life.

How to find out more about how Sensory Expression™ influences the development of people?

SGM Kids shares its own knowledge, as well as that gained from partners as well as invited guests mainly via our blog, video materials, podcast, consulting, facebook.

We encourage you to join our social media and follow us on our activities.

What do academic lecturers, psychologists and therapists think about Sensory Expression™?

We have started a cycle of podcasts Free your Sensory Expression, where we will be discussing various topics connected to development and science of both young and experienced specialists. The representatives of various specialisations will share their knowledge and their observations when it comes to Sensory Expression™. Each guest shall relate to Sensory Expression™ and show what is important for him or her in this process.

First podcast:

on the topic of:

Teaching methods and the influence of the environment on the development of children and the further education of adults.

Guest speaker:

PhD Przemysław Gąsiorek

Pedagogist, Psychologist, Active Lecturer, practitioner. Active scientist connecting the world of science with the social surroundings.

We would also like to encourage you to ask questions and to leave your comments. To find our more, follow us and be up-to-date.

What do the participants of Sensory Expression™ workshops think about the sessions as users of our products?

Soon we will start a campaign called Free your Sensory Expression which will be addressed to our clients. We encourage you to follow our website, blog and social media.

Should you have any questions?